Welcome to 2018

Hello and welcome to 2018.  We are back on board here at New View Homes after a fantastic first year in 2017  having built both onsite homes and transportable homes for our many happy clients.

New View Homes is unique and stands apart from other building companies in that we offer homes built on site or we will build you a transportable home here in our yard and transport it by truck  to your block once completed.

Dependent dwellings are becoming extremely popular and offer independence and freedom with the knowledge that there is someone close by and your loved ones knowing you are safe and nearby to assist if needed.    We can build your dependent dwelling to complement the main home on the property (photo below) or build a stand out home that is unique to you.

New View Homes meets all council requirements for a dependent dwelling and no planning permit is required.  Once you have signed with New View Homes we take over all of the hard work for you including applying for a building permit, warranty insurance, plan preparation, site visit, soil report, energy rating and all other paperwork required for your build.

Several of our plans are suitable for dependent dwellings, including, the Freedom, Livingstone and Moama.  Or we could design a home for you to meet your specific needs.